“Here’s the thing: even though age is often a weakness, it’s also our biggest strength, and if we learn to see it as that, to capitalize on it, to unlock its value—that’s when unicorns are made. That’s why I call age the ‘hidden value prop’—in the right contexts, it can be used as our special sauce, the bridge across the chasm from great companies to revolutionary ones.”

Shifting Gears is about “kidpreneurship,” the lean startup method retold through the eyes of youth. It’s about how kids can and must capitalize on their age—the “hidden value prop”—when pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors in adult-dominated industries. In this collection of quirky anecdotes and powerful mantras, Zigantic’s CEO Vignav Ramesh traces his own entrepreneurial journey—from embarking on childhood trips to India to revolutionizing the commodification of beta playtesting insights—and shares tips and tricks for young founders scaling young businesses.